I Am Christopher F Silver a Researcher Multidisaplinary an IT Specialist a Research Technologist a Diversity Advocate a Professor a Project Manager a Consultant

Qualified Experience in the fields of Multidisciplinary Research Methodology, Information Technology, Research Design, Project Management, as well as Assessment and Evaluation

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I am a Multidisaplinary Researcher, Evaluator, and Technologist

Hello, My Name is Chris Silver and I currently serve as faculty at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC).

I once said to a friend of mine that if I were to write my memoirs I would title them Chasing Paper. I have been in college for most of my adult life. Each time I have completed a degree, a new academic interest emerged. My education has been interdisciplinary focusing in the fields of Psychology, Religion and Culture, as well as Learning and Leadership. Those degrees are as follows:

Bachelors of Science - Psychology - UT Chattanooga

Bachelors of Arts - Religious Studies - UT Chattanooga

Masters of Science - Research Psychology - UT Chattanooga

Masters of Arts - Religion and Culture - Wilfrid Laurier University

Doctorate of Education - Doctorate in Learning and Leadership - UT Chattanooga

Doctorate of Philosophy - Doctorate in Social Psychology - University of Tennessee, Knoxville


While enrolled in undergraduate and graduate school, I have also enjoyed a professional career in the fields of Information Technology, Human Resources, and Training. I worked in industry for over 15 years and part or full time in academia for 20 years.


My Competencies

Technological Research Innovation
Parametric Statistics
Nonparametric Statistics
Qualitative Methods
Curriculum Design
Public and Keynote Speaker

Knowledge Competencies

Consultation and Evaluation Services

Dr. Silver has over 20 years experience as a research, technology, and evaluation consultant in higher education. He has consulted on a variety of grant funded projects capitalizing on technology for the purposes of research.


Dr. Silver specialized in individual differences including scale and measurement construction as well as formative and summative analysis. Moreover, Dr. Silver specializes in mixed methods design research capitalizing on statistics and qualitative methods.


The H-Index is a calculated value first proposed by Jorge Hirsch in 2005 and is used to determine faculty productivity in terms of publications and citations. Below are links to the various H-Index ratings regarding Dr. Silver's productivity.




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Qualitative Methods

Dr. Silver has taught Qualitative Methods for over ten years in higher education. Dr. Silver has published in the field of textual and observational analysis of behavior. Using various technologies, Dr. Silver has incorporated video, audio, and observational equipment in the study of humans and animal behavior. This includes the incorporation of incompatible systems for simulations systems during data collection. Thus, researchers and projects can collect rich data related to new phenomena or confirm existing theoretical assumptions.


Dr. Silver has worked for over 15 years in Information Technology, specifically in Research and Development, Corporate Training, Workflow Analysis, and Data Analysis. Dr. Silver specializes in capitalizing on technology for various projects including new adoption protocols, adoption of new software for research and evaluation, as well as advising various projects related to online research using surveys and experimentation. Dr. Silver has demonstrated mastery in programs such as Qualtrics and Survey Monkey. Dr. Silver has proficiency with QuestionPro and UniPark. Further, Dr. Silver has experience with MediaLab, DirectRT, Noldus ObserverXT and FaceReader.

Subject Matter Expert and Speaker

Dr. Silver has spoken at a variety of venues including serving as a keynote speaker for various conferences and academic settings. Further, Dr. Silver has spoken to various local groups in the greater Chattanooga Area. Themes include the social-political climate, research in religion and belief, Atheism and Agnosticism, Religious Prejudice and Discrimination, Religious Conversion and Deconversion, and Authoritarianism. To request Dr. Silver as a speaker please email Christopher- Silver at utc.edu


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Grant Funded Projects

Selected Publications

All Grant Funded Projects Peer Reviewed Books


The Unlikely Academics

Dr. Jenny Holecomb, Mr Thomas J. Coleman III, and myself host a podcast called The Unlikely Academics which explores, applying to, thriving in, and graduating from masters and doctoral programs. Our target audience are those who are non-traditional students.

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Teaching Philosophy and Critical Reflection of Christopher Silver

These are the words of John Dewey, the father of modern American education. Dewey was a pragmatist. Pragmatism is most concern with the result versus the process of achieving a result. In other words, when individuals seek the result of education and the process of education ends in the appropriate result, and change is achieved. While my education transverses the psychological, religious studies, adult training, and educational disciplinary boundary, I see Dewey’s views as profound as it is a paradigm of objectively observable results versus traditional pedagogy.

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